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ImageView System Technologies, LLC

IVSTech is innovating the way Health Plan Support Services and Systems are accessed, priced and delivered. As our customers and partners continue to address the ever changing needs of the marketplace, and in the process implements new product lines and technology, the selection of your support services partner is critical. A partner that is accountable, innovative, independent and possesses material experience will help insure success.

Our systems approach to providing access to services improve efficiencies, increase value and reduce costs. We provide a broad range of innovative Services and Tools specifically focused on serving the Health Plan market. Our commitment to helping Health Plans increase automation, respond to change, and better serve their customers through the effective use of technology and resources makes IVSTech the obvious choice as your Support Services partner.

The IVSTech Preferred Professional Services Network (PPSN) provides a single contact point for Health Plans and pre-assessed Professional Service Consultants. Our network will streamline access to experienced industry resources and provide the platform for Health Plan collaboration. Whether you are a Health Plan or a resource looking to join our rapidly growing PPSN Network, please Click Here to learn more about how the IVSTech PPSN can help you be successful.


To be the premiere provider of high quality and affordable Support Services and Product Solutions to Health Plans.


IVSTech provides a broad range of professional services, tools and solutions specifically focused on serving the Health Plan market. These services and solutions are designed to increase automation, reduce cost and increase efficiency through the improved use of existing technology, the adoption of innovated new technology and the development of Health Plan resources.

Click Here to view our flyer and find out more about how IVSTech's Products, Services and Solutions can assist your health plan.

Our History

The company known as IVSTech (ImageView System Technologies, LLC) was founded in June of 2005 by Patrick DePirro and Peter Dellefave ( and is a Health Plan services and solutions company. Patrick and Peter found immediate success supporting Health Plan enterprise software solutions, and began to grow the company to provide clients complete project teams, support services and solutions. Through its history, IVSTech has only provided seasoned resources with proven health care, business and IT expertise.

Individual Partnerships:

By the 1st Quarter of 2006, and after establishing a solid reputation as a Health Plan Professional Services company, IVSTech recognized the need to develop partnerships with individuals with similar background and experience in order to meet the high demands we were facing within the marketplace. IVSTech continues to retain and expand these relationships today and have developed a network known as the PPSN (Preferred Professional Services Network).  This network of unrivaled professionals is available to our Health Plan partners.

Vendor Relationships:

In 2007, understanding the need to provide superior Professional Services to new Facets Customers, IVSTech developed a relationship with The TriZetto Group that provides core administration solutions, care and network management solutions, and a wide range of constituent Web solutions. Comprehensive solutions for Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid plans also are available, along with hosting, business and professional services. This relationship provided the ability for IVSTech to expand its reach to Facets customers and continue growing a network of specialized system consultants.

Consulting Firm Relationships:

Beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2008 through the end of 2009, along with a continuously growing network of individuals and a strong vendor relationship, IVSTech began developing consultant firm relationships that increased the ability for IVSTech to have access to resources as well as provide resources to selected consultant firms.

Where do we go from here?

IVSTech will continue to develop relationships with individuals and vendors as well as to focus on the strategic partnership with Keane with the purpose to meet market demands and maintain continuous growth to stand out as a leader in delivering professional consulting services to our clients. We will continue delivering the promise we have, and continue to make, to our customers that is true to our Vision and Mission in the Health Plan Market.

Our Executives

Patrick DePirro, is the co-founder and CEO of IVSTech, LLC. With over 27 years of healthcare experience, Patrick has guided the growth and development, with the assistance of our co-founder Peter Dellefave, of IVSTech to a highly respected healthcare consulting company. Since 2005, IVSTech has specialized in the implementation and configuration of payer software.

He began his managed healthcare career at BCBS of Florida, serving as a Claims Examiner and Customer Service Representative. He then accepted a role as Provider Specialist with American Heritage Life (AHL) and was promoted to Supervisor of Facets Configuration and served in this position for 1 1/2 years before accepting a position with Erisco, Inc. located in Manhattan, NY. He then was promoted to Sales Support Manager with the TriZetto Group in 2003. Patrick earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration from the Kennedy-Western University in 2000.

Peter Dellefave is a co-founder and COO of IVSTech, LLC.  He is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in Strategic Operations, Program Development, Information Systems, Business Management, and Organizational Leadership. Years of successful experience consulting on multifaceted projects, streamlining internal processes to enhance overall productivity, and fostering positive relationships with a wide range of clients, colleagues, staff members, and key business partners.

Pete brings over 20 years of health care, managed care and IT experience to IVSTech. Prior to starting IVSTech, Pete was a manager at Arthur Anderson Business Consulting and a Senior Manager with The TriZetto Group.  He earned his MBA/MHA from University of Houston-Clear Lake in 1996.